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  • Serenellini 233 Deluxe in D/G Melodeon

Serenellini 233 Deluxe in D/G Melodeon

Serenellini 233 Deluxe in D/G Melodeon - 23 keys with 4th button start. 3 treble stops and 2 bass stops
  • Walnut or Black finish with closed stepped keyboard
  • Tipo A Mano treble reeds and Super durall bass reeds. 3voice. 8 bass buttons
  • Low notes: G row B/C, D row G/A.
  • Item No: SE42065
  • Model No: 233
  • 4th button start with low notes and accidentals
  • Artigiana Voci reeds used
  • Hard Case included in price
  • Model Number: 233
Brand information

Craftsman built Accordions from Italy

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