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Outlandish - Dogan Mehmet

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Outlandish - Dogan Mehmet - with the Boombox Karavan - 'An original and infectious talent' Evening Standard.
  • - Anglo Turkish folk-punk-trad songs and tunes.

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    1 Lord Bateman
    2 Domates Piber Patlican
    3 Cut this Cloth
    4 üsküdar
    5 Aziziye & Susta "slight return"
    6 Journey Man
    7 Miles Weatherhill
    8 Bonny Boy
    9 Rakish Young Fellow
    10 Young Edwin
    11Leymosun Türküsü


    LONDON EVENING STANDARD Friday 17 August 2012
    Outlandish (Hobgoblin) ****
    Dogan Mehmet is one of Britain’s most intriguing folk musicians drawing on his dual Turkish and English heritage. Outlandish, his second album, begins with Lord Bateman, what might be a signature track which Mehmet describes as Anglo Ottoman funk. Infused with rippling kanun and oriental violin, it is based on an English ballad about a forbidden English Turkish love affair. Cut this Cloth is a powerful original song about the warp and weft of ethnic identity – “you see the world is full of many colours” –anthemic in flavour. He’s backed by the eight-strong Boombox Karavan, a versatile band with guitars, violin, accordion and percussion that ranges from folk rock to nimble Cypriot dance tunes. Dogan Mehmet has an original and infectious talent.

    R2 MAGAZINE October 2012
    'Outlandish' ****
    You have to admire Dogan Mehmet's insouciance in opening his second album with 'Lord Bateman'. After all, the villain of the piece is a Turkish lord with a singular line in execution techniques even though his daughter is the
    heroine. The song is performed in Dogan's unique style with his vocals channelling Rory McLeod, with his band, now renamed The Boombox Karavan, given free rein, and it introduces a mostly traditional set of music and songs from
    Turkey, Cyprus and Britain. The ideas always stay one step ahead of the listener so 'Domates Biber Patlican', a song by Baris Manco, is given an English translation as a rap by Freddie Phethean. Later, 'Roaming Journey Man' is sung in what might be called an English style but has the Cypriot dance tune 'Sarhos Zeybek' embedded within it. Later still, Dogan delivers a dramatic unaccompanied performance of 'Miles Weatherhill' - and what he does with 'Bonny Boy' I'll leave you to discover for yourselves!
    I like Dogan's first album but 'Outlandish' feels like a huge step forward. It's confident, sometimes brash and everything you want from the next generation of singers. The only disappointment was finding out that 'Uskudar' isn't Turkish for whisky.
    Dai Jeffries

    ENGLISH DANCE & SONG magazine (Autumn 2012)
    I won't be alone in remembering the night in 2008 when Dogan Mehmet first introduced himself to the world - or rather, dispensed with the polite handshake and instead grabbed us by the proverbials. The Young Folk Awards had never - and has never again - heard anything like it. With his magenetic stage presence - which leaps straight from the footlights onto record without losing any of its immediacy - this Brighton-born, second generation Turkish-Cypriot delivers his unique 'Anglo-Turkish, Gypsy-Punk style mix' on his second album. Not afraid to gallop along with ragged raucousness, as with 'Roaming Jouney Man' and 'Rakish Young Fellow', Dogan also needs no rocky ensemble to deliver drama, demonstrated on the a capella 'Miles Weatherhill' and the album's three Turkish songs. I would politely suggest that you haven't heard anything until you've experienced the 'deep South Gospel' rendition of 'Bonny Boy' replete with bluesy falsetto ... my oh my, I suspect that even Peter Bellamy himself would have raised his eyebrows at this (before sitting back and enjoying it). The 'Ango-Ottoman funk' rendition of 'Lord Bateman' sounds so right - a British ballad finally reunited with Turkey. It is possible that some moments are a little hammed-up, but that's all part of the carnivalesque boisterousness of it all. This man is, to quote that song, 'young but growing', and I for one will follow his future career with a gleeful eye and ready ear. Dogan's sound is truly original - it can't be faked because it emanates from a passionate blend of cultural roots. In this way, it is truly what English traditional music should sound like - as exotic as its actual demographic and yet wholly rooted. Outlandish indeed !
    Clare Button


    Lord Bateman- 4:00
    Domates Biber Patlican- 4:00
    Cut This Cloth- 4:00
    Uskudar- 4:00
    Azziye/ Susta Slight Return- 4:00
    Roaming Journey Man- 4:00
    Miles Weatherhill- 4:00
    Bonny Boy- 4:00
    Rakish Young Fellow- 4:00
    Young Edwin- 4:00
    Leymosun Turkusu- 4:00

    Lord Bateman- this is one of my Favorite stories/ballads within the English tradition; the forbidden love between a Turkish Sultan’s daughter and English Royalty. I feel there will many more versions of this song to come from me in future albums. For now I leave you in hands of the sound I like to call Anglo Ottoman Funk.

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