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Secondhand Instruments

Our secondhand items are only available direct from the UK shops. Please contact the relevant shop if you want to know more.. Always call before travelling a long way to see an instrument, particularly during July and August, when items may be taken from the shops to show at festivals. Hobgoblin has always specialised in old and rare instruments, as well as modern secondhand items. There is always a wealth of interesting stock to see. We do trade ins, take goods on consignment, and in some cases we buy outright. People are sometimes surprised to find secondhand items priced higher than basic new instruments. Some of the instruments we sell are very unusual, and the rarity is reflected in the price. The increasing cost of restoration is... Read More


  • Price: £1,000.00 and above
  • Colour: Black Green Blue
  • Brand: Golden Gate Hohner La Bella Sterling Serenellini Gope Eastman

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