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Resonator & Slide Guitars

Resonator & Slide Guitars

Resonator guitars all have a metal resonator cone or cones supporting the bridge which give the distinctive sound. The original tricone has three cones; the biscuit cone type, concave from the front has the saddle held in a wooden "biscuit"; the spider cone type has a cone convex from the front and a spider bridge straddling the cone. Each type has a quite different sound. They may have either metal or wooden bodies. The Triolian is a metal bodied example of the single cone buscuit design. A Dobro typically has a spider cone and is made of wood.
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  • Brand: Bristol Eastwood Guitars National
  • Price: £2,900.00 and above
National Type O Single Cone Resoohonic Guitar
National Type O Single Cone Resoohonic Guitar