Tenor Banjos

Tenor Banjos

The Tenor Banjo is used extensively in both Irish traditional music, and Traditional Jazz. It has a shorter scale than the G Banjo, and 4 strings tuned CGDA, but it is common for Irish musicians to retune down to GDAE using thicker strings. Used in jazz and popular music earlier this century, the tenor banjo has 4 strings and is usually tuned CGDA.

The Banjo developed in America from its African origins, and is now immensely popular, due to its unique sound, suitability for a wide variety of music, and because it is so easy to play. Common types include the 5 - string, the tenor with four strings, the mandolin banjo or banjolin with eight and the ever popular uke banjo with four nylon strings. For more information about any of our... Read More


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