The Celtic Harp or Clarsach is almost unchanged since the 11th century. The famous Brian Boru harp has the same shape as the harps we sell today. Early celtic harps had bodies carved from solid wood, and brass strings, and only played in one key. Nowadays it is usual to use a softwood soundboard, and Nylon strings, and there are semitone levers for changing key. The concert harp developed from the Celtic Harp and features increased tension, more notes, and pedals. For more information about any of our products, please call us on 0333 800 9500 or email post@hobgoblin.co.uk. We stock most of these products... Read More


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Glenluce Black Loch 22 String Harp. No Levers
Glenluce Black Loch 22 String Harp. No Levers

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