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5 String Banjos

5 String Banjos

The 5-String G Banjo is used for Bluegrass music, usually in the style popularised by Earl Scruggs, and players look for a resonator and tone ring. For old time clawhammer or frailing styles, an open backed simpler model is better. Finger style classical banjo also uses the 5 string, but is less common now. Used for bluegrass and country music, and for old time and song accompaniment in the British Isles.

The Banjo developed in America from its African origins, and is now immensely popular, due to its unique sound, suitability for a wide variety of music, and because it is so easy to play. Common types include the 5 - string, the tenor with four strings, the mandolin banjo or banjolin with eight and the ever popular uke banjo with... Read More


  • Brand: Bristol Carvalho Cort Dixon Lee Oskar Ozark Stringed Instruments
  • Instruments with a Pickup: Yes
Ozark Stringed Instruments 2109G 5 Str Banjo Open Back
Ozark Stringed Instruments 2109G 5 Str Banjo Open Back