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Hobgoblin has specialised in melodeons since we began in 1976 and we still have plenty of players and enthusiasts on the staff. We sell Castagnari, Sherwood, Hohner, Scarlatti, Serenellini and many more new and secondhand. The melodeon is easy and ideal for all ages! We stock Piano Accordions in every shop. We have new instruments from Scarlatti, Delicia, Serenellini, E Soprani and others, with plenty of secondhand instruments too. Birmingham has the biggest stock - speak to Mark McCabe there for expert advice.

We offer a wide range of new and used anglo concertinas, both new and used. The push-pull anglo system is very accessible for beginners and works really well for folk dance music. We have a number of good players on our staff who can advise. English and Duet Concertinas, two different styles of chromatic concertina, which play the same note on the push and pull. Hobgoblin has wide range in stock - mostly vintage examples.

Click through to see our great prices on Harmonicas and melodicas! We sell Hohner, Jambone and Lee Oskar in a wide range of keys and models. Melodicas have become very popular again over the last few years. We stock Scarlatti and Hohner. In this category, we've also got shruti boxes which are great to sing along with.


  • Number of Keys: 27
Sherwood Stowe II D/G Melodeon, Cagnoni Reeds
Sherwood Stowe II D/G Melodeon, Cagnoni Reeds