Some answers to questions we get asked fairly often.

You’re still welcome to contact us if you didn’t find the information you needed here.


Buying your Secondhand Instruments

We buy some instruments outright if the price is right, and we’ll consider a trade-in for almost any instrument. We also take lots of instruments on a commission basis, which means the owner gets 2/3 of the agreed selling price once the instrument has sold and the new owner is happy with it (around 4-6 weeks after the sale). If you would like to get an idea of which of these options would be best for you, and the value of your instrument, please contact your local branch (http://www.hobgoblin.com/branches). We’ll always need to see the instrument to put a definite price on it, but we can give you an indication over the phone or by email of whether it’s worth bringing in to the shop.

How much does shipping cost to your location?

The fastest way to find out how much postage will cost is to add the item you are interested in to the shopping basket, then head to the checkout page and put in your address. Then all the delivery options, times and prices for your destination will be listed on the screen. You choose which option you want to go for before you commit to placing the order.

How can I choose the right instrument for my needs and who should I ask?

We have compiled a lot of information about all kinds of instruments in our Instrument Info Source. If you don’t find the answer you need there, you can contact us by phone or email for advice, or best of all come into one of our shops!

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