Typical 0% Finance

Typical 0% Finance

Find out how you can use this scheme to get Interest Free Credit on any instrument over £100!

We are offering Interest Free Credit on musical instruments as part of an Arts Council Scheme.

This means that any UK resident* can apply for credit between £100 and £2000 in order to buy a musical instrument and accompanying accessories.

The credit is interest free, so the amount you pay in total will be the cost of your purchase. The repayments are made up of ten equal payments made over 10 months. So for example if you were to borrow £200, you would pay off £20 a month by direct debit for 10 months.

You can also pay an initial deposit if you like, to reduce the monthly payments, or if your purchase is over £2000.

If you’d like to use this scheme to buy anything from the Hobgoblin catalogue, or any of the special one-off or second hand items in the London shop, (or if you’d just like more info), contact Hobgoblin in London, choose your purchase, and go through the application process in the shop.

The application may take around half an hour – a decision will be made within fifteen minutes, and then the instrument can be yours!

You will need to bring proof of ID, and proof of address. These can include a passport or photo drivers licence, a credit card, a utility bill. Please try to bring both something that proves your ID and something that proves your address.
Click here to read about the Arts Council Scheme

*Restrictions apply to some extent. You must be employed (although home-makers may give their partner’s employment details, and students may use the credit if their parents apply for it on their behalf), and you must live in the UK. If you are self employed, you will need to provide details of your accounts.

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