Introducing Ollie King

Introducing Ollie King

We’re pleased to welcome our new Free Reed Specialist

Ollie is based in Sheffield, where is his currently reading for a degree in Music. Having got into folk music at the age of 13, he went through playing several instruments, including the mandolin, whistle and guitar, before finally settling on the melodeon. He is becoming well-known all over the country for his playing, both as a solo artist, and with the young, energetic Cotswold Morris team, Fool’s Gambit Morris.

Following a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Ollie is releasing his debut album, Gambit, later this year on RootBeat Records – one to watch out for!

He is a regular at festivals, and can often be seen Sidmouth, Cropredy and Shrewsbury.

Although Ollie’s specialism is the melodeon, he can offer advice on all manner of free-reed instruments, can carry out basic repairs, and provide diagnoses of any problems you may have with your squeezable instruments.

Ollie is looking at teaching in Leeds, and will be arranging some ‘Introduction to Melodeon’ sessions too. He’s usually in on a Monday or Saturday, but give us a ring if you’re planning a trip to see him.

Check Ollie’s website here

You can also follow him on facebook

Here’s a playlist from Ollie, to give you an idea of his musical tastes:

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