At University….and off to Hobgoblin Music

At University….and off to Hobgoblin Music

You made it! You’re [list of clichéd experiences you might be having] and a Monet poster on your wall (unless something has changed in 20 years and, frankly, surely not).

But have you found your local music shop yet?

If you’re in Bristol, Birmingham, London, Southampton, Canterbury, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester or Brighton then Hobgoblin Music is waiting for your visit. Here’s Paul in our London branch with some great ideas for instruments which will complement your lava lamp (again, I am absolutely sure this is still a thing).

Student discounts are available in most of our branches on selected items.

Acoustic Guitars at Hobgoblin Music
Browse Acoustic Guitars

Ukuleles at Hobgoblin Music
Browse Ukuleles

Weird and wonderful instruments at Hobgoblin Music
Browse Marimbas and Kalimbas, Singing Bowls, Melodicas, Tongue Drums

Mandolins at Hobgoblin Music
Browse Mandolins

Cajon drums at Hobgoblin Music
Browse Cajons

Whatever type of music you want to play, we hope to see you at a Hobgoblin Music shop soon.

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